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“Let’s share a warm smile and a genuine welcome at Karam Vidhata Resorts, Kufri.” What we really are, is a place of deceleration in today’s overwhelming pace of life. Ideally situated 300 metres from the national highway, pure excellence is at the heart of this intimate hideaway, surrounded only by the sounds of the wild and the unending view of the unspoilt Himalayan landscape. Experience unforgettable nature holidays in Shimla at KVR. Spread over four acres of pristine land among evergreen trees KVR is located on a hill top, 7,800 metres above sea level, offering breath-taking 360° panoramic views of the most dense forest in Himachal on the Kufri side and snow covered upper Himalayan peaks along the Chinese border. We are a boutique resort – a place where you can stay, that is more like someone’s beautiful, liveable and stylish home rather than a big, impersonal hotel where no one really cares if you come or go. Here we believe that human, heartfelt connections are what makes life worth living.

The 39 cottage rooms offer guests supreme levels of quality, luxury and services. KVR is the perfect retreat for a weekend getaway from the humdrum affairs of a hectic city life, providing a cool respite in the hot summer months and breath-taking views of snow covered cottages and mountains in the winters. We strive for sustainability and promote eco friendly tourism. The cottages are constructed using recycled fly ash mixed concrete blocks which provide excellent insulation and the pine wood panelling on walls, roof and flooring help to keep the interiors warm and reduce the need for external heating. The stone faced exterior tiles lend a rustic stone-age charm and a timeless aesthetic beauty to the cottages.
The pure Himalayan air, mesmerising 360° view of the valley combined with warm and attentive service at KVR promise to make a holiday in this mountain resort picture perfect for a rejuvenating and relaxing family holiday along with your loved ones. KVR holds special charm for newly weds providing seclusion in the forest cottages and an ambience for quality time together to create and cherish lifelong memories. In short at KVR there is something for all tastes – from toddlers to the elderly. Spending a holiday at KVR means your stay will be a total success! Our commitment to making every visit a once-in-a-lifetime experience to our guests is what makes us who we are.

As health and wellbeing go hand in hand, we invite you to discover something naturally beautiful at KVR and allow your senses to drink in the quiet opulence of a world class masterpiece. Here every nook and corner echoes with the traditional warmth of Indian hospitality. Our guests review it as one of the best places to stay and eat in Himachal Pradesh. The delicious cuisine, the personalised service, attention to detail and unmatched luxury will forever conjure up great memories of your stay – when time drifted slowly and luxury embraced you in an effortless whisper.
Our goal – “Every guest should feel at home, far away from home! “

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